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Transition moments

A merger, the creation of a hospital network, the implementation of a new electronic patient record. These are just a few examples of important transition moments that a hospital can go through. We guide hospitals that are going through a transition phase with all legal issues from A to Z. The various aspects of the transition are stated in a tailor-made action plan and a timeline is established. In the event of a hospital merger, this will include, for example, the modalities for applications for approval, the impact of competition law, the various aspects of the legal relationship with hospital doctors, corporate governance, drawing up a merger protocol, etc.

Developments in technology and innovation

The “Hospital of the Future” Green Paper clearly states: “A hospital without technology is almost inconceivable when considering the hospital of the future. The use of robots, big data, etc. is already a mapped-out path that can only develop further towards 2030.” We are a partner for hospitals in all developments concerning technology and innovation. After all, there are numerous legal aspects: the legislation for medical devices, intellectual property rights, GDPR, liability law, patient rights legislation, etc.

The legal aspects of “entrepreneurship”

Hospitals are businesses. And as they increasingly position themselves in the market, for instance in the realm of innovation, legal challenges are coming to the fore, in areas such as competition law, B2B law, advertising rights and obligations, the implications of collaborations between hospitals and private companies, etc. We have specific expertise in the legal aspects of “entrepreneurship” and help hospitals to find their way into this – for them – often unexplored world.

Issues regarding the legal relationship with the hospital doctor

The legislator has given the hospital doctor a specific statute, whereby he not only acts as a service provider to the hospital, but also co-determines the decision-making process for important cases via the medical council. We advise and support hospitals on all possible issues regarding the legal relationship with the hospital doctor. Where necessary, we also offer support in conflict situations so that they can be dealt with appropriately.