Health law

resolut. is a niche law firm specializing in health law. We want to be the point of contact for healthcare institutions, professionals and other actors in the healthcare sector for any and all legal questions they are confronted with. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the sector, we can offer targeted, tailored support. A pragmatic and efficient approach is always the starting point.

"As lawyers, we are deeply committed to healthcare. We want to do our bit by providing the sector with quality support."

Diego Fornaciari
Health law


resolut. provides both first-line and specialized legal advice to serve the needs of your hospital. The consultancy provided is not only limited to health law in the strict sense, but also includes other areas of law that apply to the sector, such as economic law, corporate law, public procurement law, etc.

Within conventional "health law", resolut. can offer specific expertise for a number of key domains.

Healthcare professions

resolut. assists healthcare professionals in all aspects of the legal design of their activities.

Doctors and medical councils

We provide support to doctors and medical councils for any legal issues they may face. For doctors, this includes advice on association contracts and individual agreements with hospitals, disciplinary proceedings, medical liability, etc. For medical councils, we provide advice within the framework of the powers and responsibilities allocated to the medical council by the Hospital Act. In particular, we are a partner for doctors and medical councils in all aspects of the “doctor as entrepreneur” concept, such as setting up projects with hospitals or private partners, managing data, "marketing" innovative ideas, etc.

Other healthcare professionals

Other healthcare professionals (nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, etc.) can also contact us with all their legal questions. Setting up partnerships, questions about the qualifications of the profession, guidance with NIHDI proceedings and cases regarding liability; these are just a few examples of the challenges with which we assist these healthcare professions.

Other factors

Pharmaceutical companies, medical device suppliers, “MedTech” players and other healthcare companies can call on resolut.’s legal expertise for any questions related to:

  • Pharmaceutical law and regulations relating to hospital pharmacies

  • IP and ICT law

  • From transfer, co-creation and co-ownership to licensing

  • Liability provisions

  • Privacy and protection of personal data

  • The specific legal context of hospitals

  • etc.